This Fund represents all those documents donated by the founder RCR Arquitectes to RCR BUNKA Foundation. It is based on subparagraph b) of the object of the Foundation: “to collect, catalogue, preserve and disseminate the material, documentary and philosophical fund of the founder…; watch and contribute to the conservation of the architectural heritage created”.

Now it contains sketches (complementary handmade drawings of the projects), scale models and peels (materials details of different fragments of projects).

For framing all these documents, the background is accompanied of the Curricular Fund 1987-2016 of RCR Arquitectes constituted by the full account of its biography, works and projects, awards, exhibitions, bibliographic references, publications, and conferences and others.

A full photographic account of the constructed work of RCR Arquitectes is also incorporated into this section updated until 2016 to identify all those works that are likely to be ensured for preservation by the Foundation.

This Fund is reviewed and updated annually.