The founder of RCR BUNKA Private Foundation is RCR ARANDA PIGEM VILALTA ARQUITECTES SLP, a professional limited liability company of architecture, constituted the year 1998 and located in the Fontanella Street number 26 of the City of Olot, with the tax ID number ES-B-17.537.846.


The will is to establish a humanist and independent cultural activity away from the traditional centres of big cities, thus participating of the decentralization of culture and producing new models of exchange. The aims are to promote, communicate and enhance the assessment of architecture and landscape, arts and culture in increasingly broader sections of society. The Foundation is born out of the architecture because it generates all spaces the life of man, and it is the art we know.

The professional activity of RCR Aranda Pigem Vilalta ARQUITECTES over twenty-five years has been and is the subject of an increased assessment, both at national and international level. In 2005 they obtained the National Award of Culture of the Catalan Government in Architecture, in 2008 they were named Chevaliers de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of the French Republic, in 2010 they became honorary members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and in 2012 international honorary members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

The important number of built works of architecture and the rooting of their work in the landscape linked to the character of its territory enriches the historic memory of this region. Its value as heritage of general interest to the country and particularly to the region of La Garrotxa, in times of very fast changes in society, takes to identify the need to ensure the conservation of this heritage.

The growing cultural activity associated with the work and activity of RCR Arquitectes such as conferences, exhibitions, publications and works visits has made it necessary to find a coordination mechanism independent of their architecture office. It seemed also convenient to create a fund of the multiple documents generated by the activity of RCR Arquitectes such as sketches, drawings, models, photographs, artworks and design prototypes which have received an increasing demand of consultation from architects, students and teaching centres. Besides of the RCR Funds, we would like to open the possibility of managing other special funds in the future.


The initial Endowment are sixty-one thousand eight hundred seventy-five euro (€61,875), contributed by the founder. This amount corresponds to all awards received by RCR ARQUITECTES with economic endowment: 

2001. 2nd Menhir Award: 3,000 €
2003. 2nd Menhir Award: 3,000 €
2005. 1st Contractworld Award: 7,000 €
2005. National Award of Culture of the Catalan Government: 18,000 €
2006. 1st Contractworld Award: 7,000 €
2006. 4th ex aequo Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize: 6,375 €
2008. 1st Contractworld Award: 7,000 €
2008. 1st Lamp Lighting Solutions Award: 7,500 €
2009. 3rd Contractworld Award: 3,000 €