If you're neither accustomed to contemplate heaven, the stars... 
           nor you did be enthralled.

If you're neither accustomed to touch the ground, the trees...
           nor drink water that springs from natural sources.

If you're neither accustomed to hear the sounds of the air...
           nor the scent of the wind.

If you do not perceive beauty that exists at every step in nature,
           and do not want to know its mistery or love it.

Then you can hardly understand many of our feelings, thoughts and attitudes,
           nor perceive the strength and energy nature gives us!

The phenomena of nature and their experience
           teach us more than what we can get of this time of "knowledge".

Observing and being attentive can give us more understanding about ourselves
           and about the true meaning of our relationship and harmony with the world that surrounds us.


Rafael, Carme and Ramon, 2006