Barberí Me Liquefecit
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Barberí Me Liquefecit

A documentary by Júlia de Balle.


In Olot, the bowels of a building host a bundle of stories: the stories of the workers, campaigns and sculptures that were merged. The stories of excellence achieved by the smelters and the destinations of the pieces made.

Some stories also dyed by the historical course of everything that happened in its surroundings. And above all, the history of its constant evolution: a journey through the memory of the ancient art Foundry Barberi, rehabilitated by RCR Arquitectes and headquarters of its activity, that invites the visitors to leave new traces in the pages of this space...


Audio:          V.O. Catalan, Spanish, English
Subtitles:      Catalan, Spanish, English
Aspecte:       16:9
Length:         40 min
Legal Deposit: GI. 1119-2013

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